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Santa Inés Meat develops an Industrial Bovine and Porcine Slaughter Plant – Cicle I. Audited by SeNaSA, it counts with both Class A and Federal Transit permits. The Company develops its Cicle II phase in primary “Manta” deboning of ½ heads of calf (calf side), while also industrializing independently its Cicle II of fresh (and/or frozen) Fancy Meats and Offals, with different kinds of destinations for both Internal Consumption and/or Exportation.

SIM srl. focalizes almost the totality of its industrial efforts in services to third parties: Butcher and/or Supplier Slaughterers, by coordinating acquisition with logistics of ground cattle, its Freight Cage transportation services, altogether with third companies hired by our Users, which offer a high quality service and responsibility in their Refrigerated Freight distribution.

SIM srl. frames the best of its efforts in informatic safety, which aims to guarantee the traceability regarding origin, production and destination, by providing high quality services with respect to up-to-date online information detailing reception, production and expedition of products. This adds up to the high-standard production slaughter –permanently audited by SeNaSA -, internal services specific to Quality-Control, and good manufacturing practices.

The arrival of Bovine cattle to our plant proceeds from places further away from a geographical reach of 300km, with characteristics of farm-raised animals, all proceeding from the natural pastures of the Argentine Pampas. All of this aids to guarantee both the tenderness and quality which characterize our country.

As our slogan praises “Serious People, from the Heart of our Country, in the Center of the Argentine Pampas, at your Service”. Thank you very much.

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