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  1. The benefits of being a User at Santa Inés Meat

    Throughout this interactive demo, you will be able to find out about the web services which will enable you to access all the information regarding your slaughter in real-time.

    Click in the green buttons below to continue.

  2. Enter the web services

    Once you are a User at Santa Inés Meat, you will receive both a User Name and a temporary password to access the information about future slaughters. You can do that by entering our web site and clicking in “Users”.

  3. Consult the incoming herds and returns

    You will be able to filter the info of incoming herds by date, as well as their returns.

  4. Watch for the existance of animals, the plan and results of your slaughter

    From the web services you will also be able to find out about all the slaughter process of your animals, on a specific date.

  5. Meat stock in cold rooms

    After the slaughter process comes to an end, you will have the info about your stock in our cold rooms instantly available.

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